The power of scents and how they effect us!

Have you ever experienced walking into a room and had a smell that transports you back to another time in your life or felt your mood lift or had a unexplained wave of emotions come over you?

The strongest of all our senses, the sense of small has such an influence on brain activity that certain scents can evoke specific memories or remind us of someone special. I am always transported back to my Nan and Grandad's conservatory when I smell geraniums as my Grandad always had these growing.
Not only do scented candles induce nostalgia but using blends of therapeutic essential oils in those candles can help with bringing about a change in our moods, making you feel calmer, happier, more balanced and can even help you with productivity.

Some benefits of essential oils we use;

Citrus scents such as Lemon, Mandarin & lemongrass are known for uplifting and revitalising your mood, it also aids with emotional stress and anxiety.
Rosemary & Eucalyptus are brilliant for boosting productivity and enhancing focus so is great if you have a busy day ahead.
Lavender is probably the most commonly used in aromatherapy as it has a powerful effect on inducing relaxation, reducing stress aiding sleep and giving a sense of wellness.
These are just a few of the oils that are used in Fox & Figgy's Theraputic Aromatherapy Collection. To learn ,ore about all our available  candles and melts check out our collection page.